Frequently Asked Questions

Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning

What is emergency heat?

Emergency heat is used as a backup to your current heat pump system. In the event that your heat pump goes out or the temperatures are too cold for your system to heat your home, your emergency heat system will kick in automatically to make sure you’re not left without warmth.

When should I use my emergency heat?

Emergency heat should be used if your current system is either not working or won’t warm your home due to climate conditions. Emergency heat systems usually kick on automatically in these conditions.

How often should I replace my air filter?

The typical time that is recommended to replace your air filter is every 60-90 days. You’ll want to replace your air filter more frequently if you have animals in the home, smoke in the home or you have allergic conditions.

Where can I buy air filters?

Air filters can be bought at any of your local retail stores, and you’ll find a larger selection of air filters at home improvement stores. (I didn’t name any of the stores just in case)