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Air Ducts, Water Heaters & Furnaces in Vina & Chico, CA

Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning can address a variety of other issues outside of heating and air conditioning. We have over 15 years of experience serving residents and small businesses in Butte, Tehama, and Glen Counties. We offer a variety of other services from water heater installation and air duct installation. When you choose Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning you have access to high-grade quality products and excellent customer service. Call Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning for a FREE estimate today, 530-839-2545!

Get Professional Air Duct Services

Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning of Vina, CA can address any problems with your home’s air ducts. Whether you need you need air duct maintenance or air duct installation our experience professionals can take care of your air duct needs. It is important to keep up with air duct maintenance. Your HVAC system circulates the air in your home through air ducts. You breathe in whatever air particles are circulating in the air. When you clean your air ducts regularly you are significantly improving the indoor air quality of your home. If you start to notice a buildup of dust or higher energy bills then it might be time to get a professional take a look at your air duct system!

Assistance For All of Your Furnace Needs

Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning recommends that your furnace be replaced if it is over 15 years old. Once a furnace gets older major issues can start to arise. The furnace is the heart of your home. It maintains your homes temperature throughout the year. Whether you are in the market for a new furnace or need your furnace repaired Deer Creek Heating and Air Conditioning can help you out!